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Whether you are suing or being sued, our offices are here to ensure you get the best possible resolution to your case.

These days, even the smallest offense or the slightest breach of courtesy seems to end in a lawsuit. Sometimes it's no wonder when lawsuits seem to be the only way for an individual to get justice or recompense when their rights, their property, even their wellness have been impacted by a large corporation.


When you are dealing with a lawsuit, no matter which side of the court you are on, you need an experienced advocate.


Kevin D Rodman, Attorney at Law, brings you a strong voice in the courtroom and in mediation to get a reasonable resolution. Our firm will fight hard for your rights, but will keep the schedule moving quickly in an expedited manner for very affordable rates.


As much as possible we stop disputes before they reach the courtroom with our guidance and expert mediation.

We offer you our expertise in all aspect of civil litigation including personal injury and more. We're also known for our work in family law, real estate law, and more.

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